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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: What if my Land is not paid for?

A: We can pay off your land and make it all into one low payment
    Q: What if I need Land improvements?

A: We can add your well, septic tank, grading, clearing
     and your drive way into your payment
  Q: Do I need perfect Credit to purchase my home?

A: NO. Most people at one time or another have had some type
    of credit issues. We have a program for mostly every one.
    Q: Can I do Debt Consolidation?

In some cases, yes. We can pay off credit cards, personal loans,
    medical bills, judgments and even auto loans

    Q: Do I need a lot of money down?

A: No, in most cases you can own your home with little or no money down
    Q: What if I had a Bankruptcy?

A: This is not as bad as most people think. In most cases
    you will be fine as long as your bankruptcy has been
    discharged and you have re-established credit.
    Q: What if I had a home Foreclosed on?

A: If it has been over 2 years and the bank has been paid off,
    you should be able to purchase a new home.
    Q: What if I need Land?

A: We have land located in 9 counties throughout North Carolina
    and 3 counties in South Carolina
    Q: What if I have No credit?

A: We have a First Time Home Buyers Program. You will need
    3 alternative credit references that are at least 12 months old.
    Example; Phone Bill, Car Insurance, Electric Bill, etc.
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  Fax # 704-225-8480  
    E-mail info@1stchoicemonroe.com    
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